Saturday, September 17, 2011

7's Day 2011 - AC037 FD

Here is one of those love/hate cars. The RE-Amemiya AC 037 wide version.

The original AC '987 was updated and this AC 2003 incarnation was based around the Porsche 993 headlight and incorporates a deep carbon splitter and new canard design. Ama-san had tried a few versions of this combination of porsche components, but the Green Street Beat 7 set the standard. Since then the wierd Super Greddy 20b rear bumper (that adorns this car) was introduced but it doesn't work with the front end.

Personally the front end is a favourite and the only version from RE-Amemiya that successfully blends the two. You may remember the carbon car also wore this front, although with wider fenders. Anyway, this is a timely post as I'm currently interested in this again for my own car.

These are Rays 18x9.5 with a deep offset around +22 with 255 Neova for the street. The car is very well finished and enjoyed regularly in the north of Tokyo.

You can see the full spec here.



  1. This is one of my favourites to, Russ. Think I agree with you about the Super Greddy rear bumper - the rear of the Street Beat 7 is better. Love this colour combination though, and I notice he's now colour matched the bonnet (except the vents), something I'm considering... I bet the lighting is pretty good with the 993 headlights. It would be great to see you do this conversion on your car :-)

  2. I thought hard about it. There were some damaged parts come up on Yahoo, but sold for rediculous money. I still would have had another 30~50mm to fit the massive 18x10 +6 and 18x12 +6 Work Miesters I have access to. It would need the D1 fender extensions and probably Origin or custom rear fenders. In the end too much hassle and too much money. So I'll leave it for another time. Not a fan of the mixed colour vents, they may work on the dark green though. What about the SGT vent deflectors?

  3. Your photoshop with the Work Meisters looked very cool. I can see what you mean about getting the right fitment though. Maybe a lot of hassle.
    Still undecided about the bonnet - it's partly because the lacquer has started to fade in places. Hopefully it can be rubbed down slightly and just re-lacquered. Not sure about the vent deflectors - they look good on the right car though. Still need a diffuser first anyhow. Money, money, money!!

  4. It sure did look cool... too cool.
    Too bad about the bonnet, Diffusers are cheap these days.

    Money Money, I know that. I'm trying to sell the car at the moment anyway. The RWB style almost swayed me.


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