Monday, October 10, 2011

October 2011 - Editorial

October is here and it's time for a big German Beer. I've featured 45 spotlights from 7's Day and I still have many features to come. It's a slow process.

That also means I have been a bit busy on other things. Somehow my FD has been neglected with some minor car park body damage and that's not good, but it should be out of the body shop this week. While this blog has been a bit low there's still plenty of quick links on the face book page.

As you have seen.

The Pan Speed wide-body collaboration body-kit has finally been released by AB-Flug and their other ARDE project car is nearing completion.

The next D1 round will be interesting. Kenji Takayama should have the 810 hp 13b tuned and ready. That will be a tyre schredding machine. lets hope the federals can handle the abuse.

RE-Amemiya have been prepping the Hurricane for use and also building an NA 13b demo car with the Facer GT and their new rear bumper and lights. That will debut at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Knight Sports has a new set of subtle wide fenders and their FD engined RX-8 has been tearing it up in testing for Macau GP.

Rotary and Roadster in Sendai spells the start of the TA season. The Rev Speed event is getting closer in December and will soon be upon us also. I'll be there.

So with the time attack season approaching and cooler weather hitting Japan, you can expect some more events and other stuff.


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