Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Private Excess

In the last post I showed you how to "get by" at the circuit. For some that's simply unacceptable.

Some people say. "Do it 100% or not at all" or "Never do things half-hearted" This car is heading towards the other end of the privateer scale.

A full tune Amemiya machine with more than enough extras. Side windows are Acrylic Super GT style and deep SSR rears feature soft Advan AO50 G/S in 265R18 which only last a few laps at 60000yen each tyre. Titanium exhaust for that performance kind of bling and all the goodies you need.

Maybe it needs a bit more roll for the S-tyres at this offset, but you get the idea. Pushing hard!

With a few sets of tyres, you can concentrate on setting that special time with the best available. Inside there is a full welded cage with gussets and the small details on this car are top spec and unique. Like the painted carbon bonnet. Carbon bonnets are expensive enough, but to go and paint them too proves money is not really an issue.

Nothing liked cracked carbon fibre. If you use this bumper combo in the street things like this will happen. You can get up every driveway perfectly.

If you are after that 59 second or so time, then it's the little extras you might need to get there. Nothing like the best of the best to make life that little easier.

While this car is street registered. Like mine, it's one of those cars that is probably on ever driven to the tuning shop for parts or to the circuit and back.

But when you think about it, If you can afford to, that's a good enough purpose.


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  1. Advan makes some really nice tires and they look sweet on this FD!


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