Sunday, October 16, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Daikoku - Bright Lights

It's all cool at Daikoku on 7's Day!

Someone has found a way to improve the RE-Amemiya lighting. A customised cover is also in effect. It's a good option for cracked ones. interesting Mirrors on this car too. Bike mirrors are small and light. Scissor doors and Grenade rims. That little bit of bling for effect.

This car wears a discontinued Speed Connection Bumper developed for N1 racing. A creative solution for lighting here also. Side indicators replaced with RX-8 items also on the "Xtreme Trancer".

A nice bit of poke on the B.I.M rims covering some serious brakes. Yumekobo Dream Works vented bonnet is another rarely seen item.

Daikoku on 7's day is the place to see unique combos and great ideas! Much more to come.

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