Friday, October 7, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Art Factory

These cars don't hide at these events. There are simply so many, they just blend in after a while.

 This car is pretty high on my cool list. As I also create my own livery designs these days Art Factory Graphics have always been a bit of an inspiration.

They take things to another level and try to incorporate all the latest vinyl onto their latest concepts. Luckily they are on board with RE-Amemiya and they can showcase their business creativity at most Auto Salon events.

This car features. RE-Amemiya Blue base and Blue tinted carbon. on top of that lies, Red, Silver and Gun Metal and Dark Blue combination with red and white and additional white carbon lettering. It all blends in to look seemless.

The car really reflects in the light and adds that impact many people search for. but it doesn't come cheap of course.

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