Sunday, October 16, 2011

7's Day 2011 - FD Forever!

What makes a driver a good driver? How do you measure your performance?

Some people change their car to get performance, some people change themselves. Some people practice a lot. Some have natural talent.

Whatever your choice, you can't beat track time. But that costs money. For privateers it's the balance between performance and how far you can push a package for little cost.

This particular car is an example of balance. Basically all you need to get satisfaction from an FD.

There's no doubting the basic FD shape is good. A slight flare on the rear fender and a set of FEED front fenders make for a good size to accommodate grippy tyres and don't upset to look. 255/45/17 usually do the trick for a cost performance tyre and these R33 skyline rims are light, strong and most importantly, CHEAP!

Other proven mods have accumulated over time. The 2000 model Facer N1 with Under sweep and canards is still an amazing looking bumper. This one has been opened up because the front mount inter-cooler is in a good position. You find that privateers also find ways around problems such as overheating with FMIC and come up with great solutions.

Raising the IC lets enough airflow to the radiator without having to run a V-Mount. (Fujita still use this approach also) This also allows users to keep the under-sweep in tact. Running a V-Mount requires cutting a huge hole in it to extract hot air and therefore lowers it's effectiveness also. The Hood 9 is doing the extraction in this case.

Completing the exterior are forgotten, but cool, DAMD side skirts, a high mount RE-Amemiya rear GT2 wing with gurney trim and diffuser for less drag. The small flap in front of the rear wheel probably helps airflow in some way too. I think you'll agree, for a circuit hack, this is still very cool!

Inside you will find a street car spec single turbo setup which retains the air pump. Pretty much a necessity for easy registration. A ducted fresh air path to the pod filter, catch tank for typical rotary blow by and that large alloy radiator for cooling duty.

No real polishing necessary for the circuit, just a rough clean up is ok. Spend your money on tyres and brake pads, fuel and oils.

You will also notice an engine brace for positive shift feel and to increase the life of the PPF just next to the cusco strut brace.

The owner has been running Tsukuba TC2000 for many years in this same car. To say he has a good setup is, of course, true. With the car perfected many years ago in a solid reliable state, that leaves the rest up to him.

That's why this was one of my favourite cars at the Mazda Festa 7s day event. Someone with passion, dedication and persistence to enjoy his love of driving fast.

You can only see the eyes, but I know there's a smile.


  1. I think the last pic and comment says it all :-)

  2. Awesome. Someday for me too?

  3. Maybe Aki, how is your circuit log book coming along. Must be a few sessions in it by now.


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