Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 - Suzuki FC

That crazy man Suzuki in his crazier FC.

Drift cars don't last long. They eventually get re-shelled and the successful components transplanted.  The cool pieces from the last FC3s have found their way onto this FC3c.

The shell is not a hack job. It's actually pretty straight and clean.

The paint is nice and fresh and those LED lights are still superb.

The 928 style amemiya front is joined by a pretty normal looking after market bar with a huge lip bent around the base. 

This creates the look of a super low car up front when actually the front is quite high in true drift stance.

The rear however is a different story. especially under full compression exiting the hairpin at full noise.

Straightening out of the hairpin..

Old AVS Model 6 rims are adequate for burning up whatever rubber.

 Even cruising around on the warm up the car looks a treat.

Unique is cool!

But under power, drift cars come alight.

You definitely get noticed.

Even at the back of this mad pack of machines, the car stands out.

But he was probably getting smoked out as he waited for his mate.

These guys were at it.  all around the course. main sweeper, main straight, any corner actually.

 But the FC's tyres definitely last longer than the schreding 2JZ FD.

transition on the main stright.

some of this action to come...

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