Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 - Mocomans Twin

I think readers of my website understand it... and I think the guys from Mocomans know it. If you are going to drive an FD. You can't be subtle. 

I handed out a couple of stickers to these guys last year. and they were proudly running them today. Pretty stoked actually. This street legal drift FD is pretty special.

The owner of this car loves the shots I took last time before this car was tainted during some passionate drifting. So this year it new wears some new panels, new color and some pretty cool features.

I love cars that cause smiles. unfortunately this car has some issues in the first drift session of the day, so I couldn't get any track action.

But it's good enough to lead of my features from Seven's day. Rear wing stay is hand fabricated based on the D1 design from Amemiya but a little more extreme.

Side step AD and rear over fender AD II combine with Scoot bonnet and some prime pieces to give that definitive "modified FD look"

Follow the lines around the car and you may notice something is a little bit "special".

One of the main differences is almost un-noticed in this image as the color and canards, wing and N1 2005 model front bumper scream attention.

You could almost be forgiven for missing it in this pic. But I'm not using a wide angle lens.

But this picture starts to tell the story.

Front fenders are extended... A LOT! they are covering huge Weds on spacers with 255 Neova without a worry. Now that's not an RE-Amemiya ad fenders foray. These fenders have been cut and massaged into shape to solve one of the poor points. When Drifting an FD you will soon discover the lower sus arm is simply the wrong shape. So unless you do something radical to the wheel position. It just wont give enough lock.

This will definitely solve the issue. It's worth a second look.

Thanks to the guys for their enthusiasm and hospitality. I'll have a second feature from these yellow monsters soon.



  1. Moccomans Inspires me to keep evolveing my FD......... just wow

  2. This car is absolutely stunning! The body work on this is very impressive, especially the curves on the front giving the car that muscular look to it. While we’re on the topic, I think that Mazda is a pretty good choice for a drift car. Drifting is a race that is made to test control, precision, and the ability to push yourself to the limit without actually going overboard. It’s very different from straight-line racing where the only determining factor is speed. In that sense, the Mazda is perfect because it’s nimble, light, and very good around corners.

    -Carry Bacot


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