Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 - R U Ready

Mazda Tuning Festa was a long day. It takes a while to get set up.

 Everyone arrived pretty early and there were already cars on track by the time I arrived about 8am. This face needs no introduction. The car behind also monumental.

Koseki-san (left) was also getting things ready to go.

Taniguchi firing the 20B turbo in the Super Greddy into life.

Suenaga was also ready to go for some drift action. A few sets of neova's will be ready to be trash by the end of the day.

while some cars wouldn't move, they would look their best all day.

13B PP with T88 attracts attention... as does monster camber.

Got ground clearance... Ummm. NO!

A few tweaks to get things going and keep them going.

Some Pan Speed tweaks here.

before heading out. I like cars that turn heads. Suzuki's FC certainly does that.


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