Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - TCP Magic

TCP Magic have one of the most curvaceous bodies around these days.

 Their G-Face body kit has a whole bunch of add on parts that can totally change the FD appearance.

Of course the overall profile remains but up close the lines are not so round anymore. The front facia is especially enhanced by these massice canards and the carbon extended lip spoiler / splitter

The bonnet carries a design somewhere between Scoot and RE-Amemiya Hood9

These carbon fender outlets are a great feature, but the kit can be installed without them.

The rear is designed to integrate well with the well supported RE-Amemiya diffuser PRO while there are little extras that kind of clutter the rear exits.

TCP Magic have long been supporters of Cwest and continue to run the massive "GT-Wing" and the ...

...questionable c-west front light kit.

If you like bulbous mounds, I guess your a fan... I am not... I'm glad Mad Mike removed them from his TCP Magic car.

 Here is the same kit on Mikes car.

Click here to see Dino's story from Odaiba D1. A very big difference.

Rays have been supporters of TCP for a while too. 

 A new set of Volk Racing C345 adorn this car. Strange name for this wheel seeing as they are 6 spoke.

Also wearing the new rays two piece seated wheel nuts.

White and carbon. Very nice....

 The car was parked beside this machine.

No it's not a real police car. Something is just a little different.



  1. Imitation is flattery right ;)

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