Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - T-Get

The T-Get FD certainly isn't low on the impact rating.

This Drift Muscle entry is one of the few flying the FD drift flag these days.

Wearing the full Forsight kit with 50mm rear over fenders at the rear, it's a cool looking machine.

Low mount GT-Wing is a funky variation.

Super now and other lesser known sponsors parts adorn this car.

Crystal corporation supply the rear lights.

It sure looked good sitting on the RH9 Stand.

Lights were focused right on the gram lights making shooting impossible.

But the friendly guys from T-Get moved the lights and allowed some better contrast. 

The candy flake paint is awesome!

Lame Flake and RE-Amemiya Sleek Lights... HKS V-Mount with extras....

Like a big single to match  T-Get's own high comp rotors and all ancillaries to match. Purple samco all round. Maybe the pulleys need to be re-anodized.

A fresh awesome build!

Here's the car in action

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