Monday, June 4, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Pink 6 - Distracted

I found my other pics... talk about distracted... Don't need a perfect finish on this car.

Here's a once around the Pink 6.

As you probably know  the left side runs yellow wheels and sponsor logos.

I like the yellow for more contrast. Body is N1 front bumper with splitter. R-Magic's RE-Quarter Front fenders and rear quarter panel set. with some extra side diffusers and canards thrown on for good measure.

This kit is good for 56 second times at Tsukuba.

Gram Lights wheels and Federal RS595 are now super grippy. good enough for a top qualifier in D1.

The pink side has just a bit too much pink for me. but the theme is good. This car was on the Exeddy Clutch stand at TAS.

Froont Vents are ample for pressure loss from the wheel wells. (for time attack.) and smoke extraction (for drift)

Filler cap is functional. The rear window has the required mods. A support brace is required for D1.

It's all in the detail.


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