Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 2011 - Editorial

September has come and what have you rotary nutters been doing...?

I've has been super busy on other .RSG. design and other RC and scale projects. However, I did manage to get out and enjoy the FD a bit. Ebisu was fun, but alas now I'm back in Tokyo diving is a bit of a luxury. You really don't need a car to get around so much, especially when most workplaces reimburse train travel costs. You can really understand how some cars only travel 5000 klms a year in this country. I think mine is heading that way.

Plans for my car still include sale in the near future as the market dictates. However I'll be doing a little driving this month. Just to get out and about. Expect a few updates along the way (7's day shots are still in the hundreds) and a special item I've been holding back.

RE-Xtreme archive is back and although I've deleted a bunch of stuff there's still a lot of previous features to keep you interested.

Enjoy ku-gatsu.



Please excuse my very poor Japanese. Maybe I should do more.


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