Thursday, August 11, 2011

RE-Xtreme Version III at Ebisu

RE-Xtreme headed to Ebisu for D1 and during some downtime after the event, I managed to hit up Ebisu's Higashi Circuit.

GT Wing is a must for the circuit with stability and braking are greatly effected. Removal of under bonnet vent covers and other usual prep included, light taping, and regular mechanical checks.

Any car sitting in the pits looks like a race car. Mine looks like any other Time Attack car.

The helmet came out of the closet and finally got some use.

I took these shots after the on track adventures, because the car is still for sale. I am confident that this one has decent potential. It performed very well on the circuit even without some things others might have.

The plan for the day was not an all out attack. As the first time this car has been on the track, I was wanting to play with suspension settings on the KTS dampers and just get a feel for the car's ability.

 I am amazed how much grip the FD chassis has. I found myself pushing harder, just because it felt so good and balanced.

I was a little reserved however as I was only running Pirelli Dragon street radials, which are hardly a recognized track tyre.  I was pleasantly surprised by the grip available. I was expecting huge slides and poor braking, but the chassis was working very well indeed proving I am close to the setup I chose for the car.

Interior is also well set up. I was watching all the things I needed to. Oil and water temps. Making sure it's all ok. Boost sitting at 0.9 bar.... a lot!.

Safe and secure.

I recently replaced the rear sections of the hatch interior. The weight saving is about 2kg. Which is more than covered by the engine power and light weight components elsewhere. I didn't even bother removing the passenger seat.

It was hot though, with temps around 30 degrees, I was only doing ~7 lap stints to make sure the car was operating OK. Warm up, Attack, followed by cool down laps or something like that.

13b Single Turbo, Large IC, Koyo Rad etc etc. All the goodies.

Greddy TD-06-25G with external wastegate on full song is awesome.

Here is the car over the hill on the Ebisu Higashi (East) course. It's great grabbing 4th right about here and still accelerating.

I set the GT wing on the flatest position for balance. It worked very well with these photos showing the car running flat without rear squat or front dive.

One of the only other 2 drivers using the course was kind enough to snap these shots  His full tune Nismo S1 engine 400hp GT-R34 on Dunlop Direzza was lapping in the same times as me to my surprise. He even headed over to the down hill side through the fence. Thanks very much.

A fun day. Will be sad to see the FD go.

D1 coincided as part of the Summer Matsuri, Drift or Grip can be undertaken at any of the Ebisu tracks for extremely low cost. Monday challenge is all day at Ebisu Higashi for only $120. As many laps as you can do. Matsuri is also on right now and Powervehicles has services from car purchase, rental and tuition from Team Orange's Naoto Suenaga and other circuit drivers. can arrange all kinds of motorsport tours and if you are wanting a competent street/track car, give them a call. RE-Xtreme Version III needs a new home before I spend more cash.

Track days are addictive.




  1. Great looking car you have there, Russ. Why would you want to sell that beauty and what will you get to replace her?

  2. No cash.

    Need cash.

    Next... something cheap. but nothing for a while.


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