Sunday, August 14, 2011

7's Day 2011 - FAM Speeding

FAM Speed are sometimes forgotten in among the major players of the rotary scene in Japan but definitely worth a look.

 This is probably die to the fact they don't really concentrate on Aero. Other companies seem to do this well enough. What FAM speed do is concentrate on power. Their engines produce some of the bigger HP numbers in the Japanese scene.

630 lazy horsepower in this car without a widebody in sight. Thanks to a HKS T51-R Tubo and all the required plumbing including their own V-Mount design and other items.

Brake cylinder stopper gives a bit better feel with the normal Brake Master Cylinder.

However the front brakes have been upgraded with extra pots of meat.

 Rear flamethrower canon and some extra venting. The hole in the reflector is a nice touch to complement the venting and difusser.

 No rear wide-body on this car. We have shown time and time again it's only the front that needs upgrading and this car uses Fujita-Afflux fenders to house the Direzza RS-Z Wheels and S-Tyres.

C-West Skirts and an RE-Amemiya front Bar complete an incomplete body. Bonnet is their own branding similar to Webber Sports or Ings+ but you will notice an extra vent at the rear.

Inside, the car has a time attack necessity these days.... the sequential shifter. The 7 Defi guages require two control units and the HKS LAP timer keeps the driver informed.

It's not uncommon for two ECUs to be double piggy backed like this. A PFC can work well, but the FConV actually has more programming points for a smoother MAP. Passengers need not apply for a ride in this car no seat and no legroom. The Brake bias adjuster for total balance.

 Rear houses a welded cage and an RE-Amemiya Harness bar which doubles for some video recording.

Fam speed use 7's day to clean out their garage and they had a variety of used parts for sale.

As well as new products like these coilovers,

Air Separator tank,

Big throttle body and...

Their rebuilt 500hp turbo sets.

 RE-Amemiya Front with colour-coded splitter and kevlar canards looks cool with the Feed fenders.

The car was a little twitchy pushing 630 hp through 255 tyres.

But the RX7's ATS drivetrain was doing it's best to a 1'00.997 to make it the fastest 7 in the morning sessions

The team worked hard all day as they set up for the hot version run.

The normal light setup makes a change from the sea of sleek lights.

Not a bad profile.

Going fast or sitting still, the FD3s still seems to have massive sports car appeal.

FAM Speed didn't qualify well for the hot version battle,

But being a reverse grid race, one might say they were cagey or just helping their own cause because they finished strongly.

Green means GO!



  1. Thank you, thank you for this feauture on this Fd. I love this car, it's gorgeous. I wonder if there is a video of this machine in action? I would love to hear that rotary scream.

    I look foreward to the day when you can do a feature on RSpantera and their 3 rotor monster.

    Thanks Russ.

  2. It's in Hot version vol 108 Fuji Battle

    And new one from Tsukuba will be out soon.


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