Sunday, August 7, 2011

D1 Round 7 - RE-Amemiya D1-8

 RE-Amemiya have built a good looking car with the D1-8. Lets take a closer look.

Overall the body is about 50mm wider all around. It's also much deeper and the D1 machine also has an extra carbon slat at the bottom of the kit.

The giant mesh opening could be replaced with a deep grill with air diversions however as it's expected to be smashed up, it makes little sense.

New hood looks great with the new gurney flaps. GT-Style mirrors are also a cool touch.

Big power comes from here. I don't know the numbers but a good estimate would be around 650~700 from the FD engine. You can see some "injectors" in the inlet elbow. I wonder?

D1 is seriouslt about power these days. With some opponents thrashing 1100hp.

RE-Amemiya is part of team Toyo and the Proxes R-1 are mounted on PF-01 Enkei in Castrol Green. Great combo.

The man himself was looking cool in the 30 degree heat and 90% humidity.

Action ! Launch!

Touch down! The setup for the Minami course hump is a tricky one.

The infield is a just a place to burn rubber up the hill.

Set up is tricky. Masao Suenaga did well on the day offering an opportunity for many pics. Here he easily disposed of Tezuka. The SE3p really handled the battles well. Loads of traction helping it's under-powered cause.

Then the rain came. A few practice laps to dry the circuit making for good imagery.

But care must be taken.

One slip and you're into the wall.

In Masao's battle against the almighty Daigo Saito the extra power and weight of the big chaser helped it stay close ending Masao's day.

But Koguchi's challenge for 3rd was a tough one. Koguchi's NOS S13 with 800+hp was evenly matched. They went one more time.

Suenaga actually passed Koguchi in a great move down the Ebisu hill, but the judges frowned on it giving Koguchi the win.

4th for RE-Amemiya and Suenaga. Congrat's. Daigo took the win.


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