Thursday, August 25, 2011

7's Day 2011 - R-Magic Doriya!

R-Magic and Kenji Takayama. An awesome combo.

 As one of the few remaining Fd3s running in D1, the limits are still going up as they push this car within breaking point. The 13B is getting all kinds of add ons in search of that level playing field with the 1000hp competitors.

Heading out on track, The car was once again repaired after damage at Odaiba and Okayama. Looking pristine.

A warm up lap before burying the pedal. The two main cars at 7's day were Kenji and as we've seen Suenaga. Both on par. I'd call one more time.

Another thing we've seen were the passenger demos. Oh the lucky to experience a couple of laps in here.

 A nice smooth sequence and a few mm of Falken 595RS-R rubber left on Tsukuba's hairpin..

Personally I like the Yellow side more than the pink side. Seems to have more impact.

Ohara-san finding something funny.

While others just enjoy the car.

 This intercooler is not enough, currently R-Magic is experimenting with much a much thicker cooler.

Everything gets hot under here with Wide Open throttle and not much forward airflow. Fan runs directly onto the fuel rail.

Drivers get hot too, ducting onto the driver is a necessity, just like the sequential shifter.

 You can make up your own mind about Time attack aero parts on a drift car. But with a trail of white smoke,  cool looking cars are even cooler!


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