Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Frogger

RE-Amemiya's D1 7 with the Super Greddy I Kit is hardly the best looking car around. But painted black and chrome, the lines are hidden a little and at least it looks respectable.

I've featured this car before so I didn't spend much time in the pit. Masao Suenaga was absolutely ripping it up on 7's day. Maybe he was loving to be back in the FD. :)

The Drift Samurai's D1SL car was no match. They played a lot on the day, but Masao's machine was that step above and Suenaga-san was able to put it anywhere he wanted.

The extra length on the car is a tough ask for the car. It looks like a missile.

But does all the right things in the handling department. Traction seems great for a drift car. RE-Amemiya have abandoned the use of the diffuser on this machine. It's not designed for this purpose.

Look at the angle of the front wheels. Castor and Angle. Knuckles are a must.

Here is Masao hunting Immamura.

They were having fun, but sometimes you need to stop for tyres. The front view of the machine is great. It's that rear...

Suenaga was also giving rides on the day. Here he is with a lucky passenger. who experienced the following run.

Back to the pit. Definitely the ugly duckling of the RE-Amemiya garage.

But who cares about the body, It's drifting that this car excels at.

Kenji and Suenaga playing with friends.

Looks fun, doesn't it.


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