Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Super Greddy III W

 Heading out to play. This is a complete customer car resembling the Green Monster but not exactly.

In the last year, the RE-Amemiya Super Greddy III kit has become quite popular. Almost updating the car completely. This is actually good business for RE-Amemiya and others,  because as there is no really fast Mazda on the market, it is almost prolonging the used car market and opened a window for these complete car packages.

Around November last year, Ama-san also released the new rear bumper also to match all FD rx7's this one has been a hit, with the IPF light clusters updating the car quite dramatically. It also offered an alternative for the costly sweeping hatch modification as seen on the "green and silver"  SG III versions.

The rest is a catalog of RE-Amemiya top shelf parts.

Having now seen this shape in white, it doesn't hide any of the cars lines. You can form your own opinion on looks.

Those rear lights would certainly have many people guessing.

The front also, is no longer an Rx-7 shape, so the purists always argue that Mazda was the best and nothing else can be cool. I think I'm finished fighting that argument too. Get over it.

People love to customise their cars, and for us, RE-Amemiya now supplies so many versions of mix and match parts, that you really can create your own style.

In Japan, you rarely find two RX-7s alike and looking at this photo you can see what I mean. With over 150 companies and some producing 5 to 10 different kits, When you mix and match, there's a SQUILLION combinations. I'll have a Fujita-Pan RE-Scootamiya Speed please. (Wait a minute. I had one of those.)

Enkei RP-F1 in 17" offer good cost performance for S-tyres of 255 size.

Twins remain. As usual, for a street-able trackday special, it's all you need.

One interesting point about this car were the FRP fender liners. Almost a must for widebody owners.
But RE-Amemiya still need to fix their sleek light conversion. The unsealed rear section allows all kind of junk in there. It seems this new car is no different.


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  1. Looks fantastic, but is more at home in the streets of Japan than anywhere else.


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