Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Get The Reeper

This FC is setup for drift. If you go for a ride, it will take your soul.

The words on the bonnet read. "I came back with candy FC, I get victory with candy and become the new legend..."

I don't think they came like this from the factory. A little wider and a LOT more aggressive. Not much factory spec under the bonnet either. FC3s Rx-7 was released with 205hp and later with 215hp. 500hp is a little more than double that.

So this machine has absolutely no trouble hanging with Kenji and Masao. Well... almost.

This is one of the cleanest drift car's I've seen in a while.

In side there's everything you need to deliver the touch of death to any drift opponent. LED are a nice touch. Floor mounted harnesses...??? Sometimes ignorance makes me cringe. DO NOT DO THAT!  no place to mount your harness correctly. MAKE ONE.

Overall, an awesome machine with more than enough decapitation devices. A slice here, a cut there. These were new additions for 7's day.

7's day festival was a big event and the crowd was also strong with the main stand full all day.

Doing what it does best. Tyre shredding...

...and creating pollutants. Shiaishi-san was one of the smoother drivers on the day also.

lots of cool stuff on the t-get website


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