Saturday, August 20, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Revolution Noir

Revo-tune's rx8 3 rotor NA monster.

This left hand drive Rx8 is an awesome machine. The sound is amazing! The revised Rx8 is a much better looking machine also. It's amazing how small changes can really effect a cars overall appearance.

Subtle bodywork at play here. Splitter , Craft Square mirrors, Carbon rear doors and other small enhacements get the car lower and meaner.

Aoki-san hardly gets time to rest at these days. modifying engine maps and extracting that extra performance. After each run, he can usually be seen checking digi-spice data for where the car can be quicker on the circuit.

Don't worry about the smoke. It's a rotary.

Silver roof is a mystery. I only noticed it in my pictures... Usually hard to check sooo many details on one day.

Screaming past the pit.

Into the hairpin. The car was running arount 1.01 on the day on S-tyres.

Sitting on the grid for the Hot Version Race, it was looking fast. New Rays RE-30 Club Sport look awesome.

You can see the Pan Speed Rx8 just behind, actually, just infront on the reverse grid. These cars run about the same speed.

 And finished in about the same place on the track.

A very well executed fast NA machine.



  1. I don't care about the haters, the RX-8 is on the cool board...

  2. How much power is it putting out? Is that a modified renesis motor in there or a modified 13b motor?

  3. if ford can sell a 400hp mustang why can't mazda sell a 400hp rx8?
    revolution always gets it right!! <3

  4. Userjh5174, that 20B engine is making 450PS (HP) according to the last issue of option2 magazine.

  5. That is one of the best Rx8s I have seen!

  6. awsome the new rx8 looks so goood
    revolution rx8 is my fav car !
    the sound is amazing


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