Sunday, August 7, 2011

D1 Round 7 - R-Magic D1-7

R-Magic and D1. Flying the flag for the FD community!

Pink side or yellow side. It looks great.

Last count was 618 hp on the dyno. That's enough to warrant that huge strut tower bar. I'd imagine chassis flex is an issue.

Kenji and sometimes others have destroyed a lot of body panels on the 7 this year. but R-Magic always have it looking great.

And they always support the local area. Ebisu is located in the Fukushima area, so don't forget these guys are still doing it tough. Feel free to dig deep. It's a pity the attendances were down over the weekend. The areas inside the track complex are still bearing the signs of the earthquake and subsequent disasters.

Takayama scored number 13. Was it good for the 13b or unlucky?

Front spacers are large. required to clear the FD A-Arms.

Rear brake requires instant lock when Kenji pulls the trigger.

On track, Kanji made it through the first stage of best 32. But that then leaves 24 in the battles.

I think this is lower than bump stops. Super compression.

In the battles he made a little mistake so couldn't progress to the 2nd stage of battles.

Even though, he looked impressive.

In flight! Burning rubber. But I guess, there's plenty left for the next round.

Might need those to qualify for the next round.

When the rain came. The FD3s was left in a lonely place so I grabbed a reflective shot.

Maybe 13 was unlucky after all.


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