Monday, October 27, 2014

Mad Mike Gen6 + TRA-Kyoto Rocket Bunny FD3s

 An absolutely inspiring image.

I'm not a huge fan of the rocket bunny front bumper on the FD3s. Eliminating the defining corner lamps is a big ask for the RB generic front end to overcome the FD3s Designers intentions.

But the fenders are a different story. 

While on the street versions that can look downright gangly. the sheer lowness of the Mad Bull makes the imagery awesome.

The way Mike has everything tucked under with super stretched tyre profiles simply makes perfection.

In a way, this level of stretch defines the madness. The rear tyres are almost totally outside the original body line. While no different in width to a BN sports kit, the impact is considerably more noticeable.

A little sharper on the front would match the pointed fender additions, Mikes livery tries to extend the pointed shapes.

 The super short round should allow for minimum proximity when transitioning but she's just a bit blunt.

 Out back some huge endplates now adorn the wing. A bit of help to stop spinning and aid stability at near 90 degrees never goes astray.

Got Wide ... Yep!

While many drifters are going wider for more traction, mike stretches his 265/35/18 to their limit.

If only you didn't go to prison for having this stretch on the street these days, the look might be more popular.

A bit of driver inspiration at the wheel. Rain sills and window rubbers are for chumps!

As are inner guard covers. You can see the custom front frame. The front of an FD is flxible and weak from the factory. this single pipe frame probably would perform better in a crash test... not that we want to try.

Red bull ring pull is a nice touch.

Sleepy look, off the hook!

idling down the pit lane certainly draws a crowd. brap brap!

As does a quick demo run on the Figure 8.

But it's the corner one full song blasting that I love.

Mad Mike... licenced to schred!

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