Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - JZ FD

Lets have a look at the recent upgrades to the JZFD!

Massive wing is now mounted through the bumper. But it needs a lot of support. Canards have been repaired.

Imagine following this! The base wing is a Sanai Works Super "V"atman wing

Inside is now like a rocketshiop. FD Dash is GONE!

A little trimming of the dump Pipe.

But that monster power is still there.

I LOVE this machine.


  1. What Does this car make for Power? I love the intercooler sticking out of the bumper by the way.

    1. Not sure, I'd estimate 500+ because it can light them up in a similar way to the D1 cars that are running around 600hp.

  2. Hey I have a big wing on my car too and I’ve been looking for brackets to attach from the end plates to the base of the car, but I can’t find any, where did you get yours?


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