Friday, January 18, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - RE-Amemiya

RE-Amemiya. 20B NA europa. You think he could have used Exige lights at least. A bit lazy in his old age.

But the again, he is keeping it to his style. Not that that is sometimes any good. The frog 7 as I call it has always had a questionable style.

Thailand D1 runner will be using this machine again this year.

We are very lucky that the rear is usually covered by smoke.

This car always shows up to promote the Singapore track at changi.

Hurricane 7 back in Japan.

It looks insane with it's 11J Enkei rims in their booth.

Oil cooler in the rear.

M7 livery

And a few upgrades inside.

You can see more on the RE-Amemiya Blog.


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeees, he's back! Keep it up Russ!

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