Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 - T-Get

What is purple and wears yellow shoes?

The T-Get Works D1SL and Drift Muscle FC3s Machine !

With a full RC replica for some cheap fun, slightly less power though. But scale speed is way up...

40klm/h x 10 = 400! scale speed...

And RC parts also making their way on the car?! 

Every one needs a drift fan!

Cause you have to keep cool!

doing the business

with the right foot pressed against the firewall!

It's all good fun!

 That gives you a great feeling.

Until that cool down lap is needed.

A chance to admire the BN Sports FC3s body kit. and Gram lights 57 D rims.

 beautiful paint and protected by Foxxi.

Under the bonnet, its a big single 13bt!

Read the spec. Improve your Japanese. 

A beautiful machine, driven very well...

and maintained very well...

Brings big smiles every time.


  1. Yes, a new post! And it's an FC, double win for me! Keep it up, the photos look great.

  2. Wow. new but really ncie post. thanks for sharing . you have such nice car. Thanks for shharing such nic elovely pictures.
    ben Almeer,
    Click Here for full article

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