Monday, September 17, 2012

Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 - MAD-FACE

 The Drift Samurai... "Imamura" is currently running this D1SL spec FD3s. It's called MADFACE.

 You might say this bodykit is all wrong for this car. There's not enough clearance on the front guards, and too much on the rear.

But who cares... in motion, the car looks insane. The BN Sports kit has a habit of that.

There are a few differences I'll get to later, but the bulbous fury of BN Sports is present with none other than Work Miester S1 wheels of massive dish and the obligatory GT Wing. this car is a cheap build on the outside, but underneath its all good.

Flat black is a drifters dream colour for easy repair.  The sticker scheme is also not to hard to replicate in case of contact.

 Nice positive camber on lock is not the slammed spec we see at shows for sure. Ride height is also something you could use on the street.

Ajito do the engine work on this car. it's a 500+hp 13b with BFS "Big F4rking Single" and koyo support parts. The Oil coolers would do more for cooling than the rad. Don't underestimate oil cooling requirements in a rotary.

Repair evident on the body. cracks and  joins. It did have a big impact a while back.

Livery is simple barbed wire, but effective.

The rear of the car is where the kit gets interesting.

a normal body BN sports bumper is cut to accept the wide over fenders usually fitted with a matching bumper. 

The result gives a lot of room for smoke escape.

Here's the front. the zip ties don't really do a good job of affixing a bumper on a car capable of 200+kph.

See. the bumper is feeling the effects of downforce right here.

 Yes, it's street registered! Maybe only until the next shaken...

Suenaga and Imamura were playing all day. Great to watch.

With the odd threesome thrown in.

Sometimes in the lead and sometimes following.

Trying a little too hard at times only makes you go harder it seems.

Because the next lap was a 100point run. Perfect by my score.

Just like this shot.

I hope you enjoyed the time with the Drift Samurai. While not in the uniform much these days. He still has the spirit.

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