Monday, January 16, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Magic Mad Mike

Total Car Produce Magic have joined the armed forces of Mad Mike's Metal Mulisha to Attack D1 in 2012.

The car itself is the same 4 rotor that has been in the build for a while at TCP Magic. I shot the car at 7's day          in July when it was wearing the more visible white red line livery. Check here.

It sounds awesome! I've been watching the blog from magic and there were always vague references to an un-named NZ driver this year. I mean there aren't many that have worked with magic before.

So it was obviously going to be Mike that got a run in the car. The engine spec is very similar to the NZ builds using many of the same components anyway.

Inside is a little more original fd-like than Mikes Mad Bull, but it's still stripped and caged in full D1 style.
Yoshioka was penciled in to drive this car two years ago. The "toshiking" steering wheel is refelection on that decision that never eventuated.

Anyway, the car was at the Rays stand. Magic have long had an association with Rays and Gram lights were fitted to this car for a long time. 4 new wheels have debuted on it.

The latest Gram Lights 57 EXTREME are pretty fitting for this site and the D1 FD.

They are a very cool matte graphite and angular pattern of these SP version with machined spokes matches the slashes in the livery well. and add dimension to the car.

the overall effect is very marine GRUNT like with a bit of military stealth.

Get your helmet on!

There were a few camouflaged people in the arena and they blended in nicely.

This photographer is hardly noticeable. In any case the car is amazing! I can't wait for Mike to come over and thrash this thing.

This has always been my favorite angle of the G-face kit. The strakes behind the front wheels and those fenders are cool!

I'd love to see this car with popup light covers doing a sleepy eye effect replacing these crap looking c-west lights.

Their bulbous nature and poor fitment do not match this beast. Small details, but just because something is carbon, doesn't mean it has good styling.

I'm sure you can sell them on Yahoo auction.

A cutout in the indicator combination lamp is for air ducting. No indicators I guess.

 The rear of the car features the stock bumper, surrounded but RE-Amemiya diffuser, G-Face rear fenders with canard extensions, and the high mount, thick sectioned C-west GT wing.

I'm not sure if this is intentional, but the pixelated cammo is a bit cheap looking. Looks like it was made 20 years ago on an atari pc. ol' school is still cool though.

C-West end plates sit almost outside the body limit.

Just a few mm in it. Here you can see the line of the fenders. Quite curvaceous.

Pilot: Mad Mike.

Here's some detail of the 57 Extremes.

 Awesome looking wheels and the new rays nuts and centre caps aint bad either.

 Displayed in blue on the front end of the car, red nuts on the rear. Advan Neova all round in 19" but I doubt Mike will be using these regularly. some smaller sizes will adorn the car in D1.

It's a shame because these are fantastic. 19x10.5+12 on here but 18x9.5+12 are the biggest in 18" available.

The 4 rotor is in there and running strong. Fuel rail and injectors will see plenty of 100 octane splashed through them.

 Ahh those fenders. If you aren't going to use a BN kit, then this is a pretty good alternative.

 This might be the last good look at the car in one piece. D1 will force Mike to the top. Mistakes at this level are common though because everyone is giving 150% so this body will be damaged. Either by schredded tyres or the odd drift tap or wall clip.

Enjoy the Jap Bull.

You can see a video of the car (white) in action on TCP Magic's site.



  1. Id love to see those wheels on an r34

  2. you are completely right about those head lamps. either get the amemiya ones or keep it stock/sleepy eye!


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