Friday, January 13, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - pREview

Perfection, Maturity, Madness, Dumped, Drifted, Styled and Conceived. Some of the words you might hear in the next few days and weeks from RE-Xtreme as we go in detail through the cars of TAS 2012.

These shots are just a quick look through the camera.

Some things you will want to see more of.

Some with new ideas.

Some with a new take on old topics.

Limits are explored in every direction.

From the daily street lifestyle...

To the drift crazy mad bull extremes.

There was a lot going on, new, old, tried and tested.

Somethings maybe you shouldn't test.

And boundaries pushed all the way.

Sometimes the scene is surreal.

And sometimes it's very real.

I look forward to bringing you all these and much more from Tokyo Auto Salon...

Russell Gander

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  1. keep it coming and flood us with pics and informations.. The rest of the world who cannot participate the TAS freakiness with thank you very much!!




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