Thursday, January 5, 2012

7's Day 2011 - Boys in Blue

Here are two Blue FD3s from 7's day.

The first is this circuit spec machine. Another budget car that is used for fun.

No super huge budgets here, even the wheels don't match, TE37 up front and original Advan RG at the rear. but they still are cool.

Aero is an interesting mix of RE-Amemiya and AB-Flug. 10 points if you can guess the manufacturer of this rear light finisher.

A little new year's test for you.

Anyway, the driver was having fun circulating well.

Another car of shall I say older spec was this interesting machine.

Axia sports front bar and very interesting side skirts. In Japan there is more than enough variety for everyone to be individual.

Buddy Club P1 and some Rega-master EVO for wheel selection with S-tyres.

I guess this is why the Cwest mirrors weren't popular, having to be mounted in an entirely different position.

And a nice flame-throwing cannon for firing some shots at competitors.

Two boys enjoying their blue toys.


  1. rear light finisher from ab flug i guess

  2. Wow i have no idea! please tell! i like these more than the RE-A

    my deduction says that they arent making them anymore as ive never seen them. but they look awfully close to the RE-A's with the exception that the "
    "tail" is longer and those vents on the side.

  3. This is a company up the street from me. Called Sexy Style.

    Lesser known but super cool!

    Their Demo car has long ago been dismantled after a hard drift life, but in 2004/5 their demo car was awesome.


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