Friday, January 13, 2012

Feature - The Netherlander!

Jeroen Sterke is the Netherlander. Running a tuning company in Europe focused on Japanese sports cars. This is his Time Attack machine that serves as proof of his abilities.

"When I got my drivers license I bought a Mazda 323F and started from there. After a few years I decided to buy a RX-7 (the ultimate Mazda)"

His office is a special place. Carbon and suede is always a good combination for style and performance.

I hope he can remember what all these buttons are for. Jeroen drives the RX-7 himself in the Time Attack races in the Netherlands. Last year he won the championship in the "Super Pro" class and intends to defend his title.

He rebuilt and ported the motor and supplied power through a Garret GT35r Turbo. One of the key points of this car is that the 510hp is made with E85 fuel.

He is also proud of the V-mount setup that is made in house and it matches the self-produced deeply vented bonnet also gladly reporting satisfaction with both form and function.

Some detail work in pictures.

C-west body panels are used externally and Ultralite wheels are used for lightweight performance with Toyo R888 Sport Tyres.

What would be better that an a 7 Spoke design on an RX7. 245 up front on 8.5J and 275 on the rear mounted on 9.5J

The rear features a big diffuser and the thick section c-west wing. The twin downward facing tips look cool and hide sound.

Check out his web site for the build. Click Here.

  Apexi 414AZ004 POWER-FC & FC Commander?FD3S(-95/12)
  Apexi 420-X905 AVC-R Boost Controller ( Black Version)
  VEMS 52mm wideband Meter
  Stripped wiring harnass
  VEMS EGT Sensor
  Race Technology DL1-Dash2 Set DL1 Datalogger + Dash2 display Set
  HSK Twin Power Ingnition
  FJO Peak and Hold Injector Driver

  Magnecor Competition Ignition Cables
  Garrett 60002830 GT3582R
  Aircon removed
  ABS Removed
  Thermostat removed
  Electric Water pump
  JT-Performance Aluminum Radiator
  JT-Performance Intercooler 600x300x100 mm.
  Apexi 21B-04Z0 ORC Single Plate Clutch
  Inhouse Rebuild with Large street poort
  Larger Oil Sump

  Custom Exhaust 3 inch dual muffler for circuit limits
  Custom turbo manifold
  Synapse 50mm wastegate

  JT CW Front Bumper CW Style
  JT CW Rear Bumper CW Style
  JT CW Sideskirts le+ri
  Custom hood for V mount intercooler
  JT Spoiler Carbon
  Carbon Rear Diffusor
  Front Splitter and Flat floor

  Aluminium Fuel Tank
  2 Fuel pumps to feed the Swirl pot
  3L Custom Swirl pot
  Aeromotive 10 micron Fuel Filter
  Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump
  Aeromotive 40 micron fuel filter
  All braided RVS hoses
  Aftermarket Fuel Rails
  2x 1680cc Seccondary Injectors
  2x 850cc Primary Injectors
  Aeromotive Fuel Regulator
 JT-Performance Fuel cooler

  K-sport KS-M013 Coilover Set Track Racing
  K-sport MA02 Front Big Brake Kit 8-pot 356mm
  Wilwood Pedal box with brake balance adjuster

  Ultralite 10050014 ATEC-II
  2x 8.5J 2x 9.5J
  Toyo R888 Tires 2x 245 2x 275

Changes in the near future:
- Link G4 Rotary ECU
- stronger ingnition setup
- new Race-technology Dash4 display and DL1 MK3 datelogger
- 9.5 inch wheels with 275 wide hankook Z214 tires

Good luck in 2012.


  1. Russell,

    Thank you for this post !
    I will keep everybody up to date this season.

  2. Hi,

    I really like what you did with the car. Can you tell me exactly what model C-west wing that is? If you have a link that can link me to buy one that would be even better. I appreciate it.


  3. actually,
    Now I look very closely, the wing is not C-West. but very similar in design.

    1. I see. Could you give me a link to this product? I want to purchase one.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello,

    Could you please tell me where I can get this wing?


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