Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Super NA-7

OK, sit back and enjoy the details of the RE-雨宮 Super NA-7. Ama-san always pushes the envelope as far as it goes and this year, in 2012, is no different.

Some might make parallels with F1 or a spaceship, this image probably relates to the latter.

I think it has a LOT of the Lotus 7 in the front reminiscent of the 2010 concept and the sides are very AB-Flug inspired.

The silhouette is very striking however and the overall feel of something special is definitely there. 20 inch Enkei wheels helping to create some presence.

The rear is completely off the charts. The line around the back is endless. coming full circle with the integrated diffuser and rear extended upper lip.

The detail work at the back is quite well thought out. High mount stop light and reverse lighting is well integrated and the central exhaust and tow hook are positioned nicely.

The slope of the front is the defining feature of the car and the single lines around the front and rear and to a lesser extent along the sides keep the softness and add a nice flow to the car. The fluidity of the design is nice.

The front lighting includes a single HID lamp and some LED running lights and indicators in the oil cooler area. The effect is quite stunning.

The areas are back lit by purple neon for more impact. On the road at night, this would look awesome.

The day lights are also the location of the indicators whice stand out well when flashing.

The are complemented by more LEDs on the carbon mirrors

Daymode they are quite well hidden in the carbon. Mirror stems are an interesting design also. hex screws have no class at all. Yes, I'm being very picky on this one because these days with so many decorative products on the market, this is pretty much unacceptable.

When the bonnet is miles away from the original position how do you cater for the frontal tow position. Here is the solution.

The latch is also an issue, either side of the bonnet is a suitcase style latch. Hmmm. I'll show everything on this car.

However, the bonnet itself is a nice piece. the intake for the top mounted air filter is right at the front of the car. Air flows up this guide.

And exits right onto the air filter.

The air filter is positioned right on top of the engine. the most striking thing about the engine bay is the use of gold heat-reflective tape. This creates an effect of a mini Nasa payload in the bay.

13B NA simplicity at its finest. Super GT components used throughout means this will still be a little screamer revving to quite the number. The elimination of the front supports allows a clear view of how low this engine is sitting in the FD.

The elimination of weight of some turbos and intercooler, associated plumbing and ancilliaries like AC have shed a lot of kilograms from the machine. M7 / GReddy catch tank sits up front to catch any future oil blow by.

The heat shield between exhaust and intake is an interesting piece. the engine details are quite nice. Throttle bodies and pulley, water inlet and plenum tubes are nicely made.

I tried to highlight those here.

Back outside, the Enkei GTC-01 are supplied in 20 inch all round the car and of course fitted with Advan tyres.

fronts are 255/30ZR20 Advan Sport as Neova's don't come in this size. Front Re-Amemiya calipers and floating rotors are installed.

The curved face working well with the body. thin mesh will try to catch stones, but on a rainy day the side of the car would be covered with spray.

Rears are a lot deeper and they house more beautiful disks, but only caliper covers.

Hiding the ugly Mazda calipers is a necessity. brake dust also diverted from the rear.

the shapes and panel gaps on the car are very nice.

The silver paint is elegant as always.

Closeup of the rear lighting.

Surrounded by the rear lip spoiler, diffuser and complementary exhaust extending past the bumper-less rear.

The sides are well integrated into the doors borrowing from the previous years RX-8 in this area. go with what works and smooth it out further.

Elimination of turbo cooling has given RE-Amemiya the freedom to really get the front low. creating all sorts of benefits aerodynamically and visually.

If you can get used to the styling it is one very well presented car.

the cool vere UV resistant glass keeps the AC deprived occupants a little cooler during the day. But this would be a night time car I feel.

So have I missed anything... Of course I have. There's a reason I've left the interior until last. Well, If you don't want to see it, stop now and feel satisfied the Super NA-7 is pretty super.

Stepping inside you see some relatively modern environment. But some kid stuck a huge tasteless M7 sticker on the dash. and left their NOB Taniguchi free option magazine souvenir there also. i have one of these next to my PC. It's not special believe me. Ok, I can accept that is sponsorship.

 The red dash, bride seats, stitching and carpet are complemented by carbon, but in my opinion, somehow the attempt to link the steering wheel to the exterior colour with grey highlights doesn't work at all. The race dash is a nice piece, but again it's attached to a carbon plate rather than recessed into a moulded carbon shell. The bolts affixing the flat centre carbon plate also are not high quality and the other carbon panels simply don't match. The door inners are specially moulded but they are not of high quality either.

If this were my car, I'd be let down every time I stepped inside. It's no TVR or Veyron, that's for sure.

So the interior and screaming NA 13b has me feeling this is a race car, but the 20 inch wheels and exterior says class. I don't understand this one.

Amemiya have built a car that is much more beautiful than I expected from the first pictures. It's only a shame they can't do interiors like those Aussies can. A sex spec interior is what this car desperately needs.

The car attracted crowds all day and it will be featured in magazines soon if you need to see more.



  1. Love it to be totally honest. You're pictures give it a good all round view, and I love the front end. I agree with what you're saying about the interior though. One thing I'd have preferred externally, would have been slightly smaller rims.

  2. Front end appears to be a porsche turbo / TVR mash up but its growing on me. Rest of exterior is very nicely done. Any more info on engine type ( 13b REW minus turbo ? ) and output ?


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