Monday, January 30, 2012

Daytona 24Hr & the RX-8

Here is a quick look at the RX8s at Daytona FL. Flame on!

The fastest of the RX-8s is the SpeedSource Mazdaspeed entry. It took 6th place in GT class! That's an amazing effort considering the competition.

It's not exactly a fair race these days. rules have changed a bit meaning the 3 rotor RX8s are a bit down in the pack.

GT class cars include GT3 spec Porsche and Ferrari. Full results here.

 Florida resident and fellow rotary fan, Rob, was kind enough to send us some images.

Night time shooting is always tough. But sunset is great for lighting.

I like the curves on this!

Some interesting sponsor selections on these cars. Fishing and Bicycles. Superstar Patrick Dempsey also donating some space for a drive.

Anyway, FLAMES we like FLAMES!

The Rotaries always fulfill the need.

Makes me want to visit Florida.

24 hours is a long time.

You need some of these.

This isn't stock... But you need this too.

And one of these monsters.

You need a few drivers and support crew and about 5 million dollars.

I think I'll enter next year...

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  1. Thanks for sharing my pictures, you made them look really good - P.S.Wiz. I only wish I could share the sound - fantastic! These are great cars, probably the best rotary powered race cars left competing today. But the factory engineered and built Porsches, and others will be tough to beat in what is essentially a privateer's car.


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