Friday, February 3, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Auto Craft

Auto craft satin wrapped RX8 is a textural monster.

The overall finish on this satin aluminium fabric finish is quite special and it certainly captures your attention with the deep TE37 Tokyo time attack wheels.

However up close its just another failed wrap. Defects everywhere, joins, marks and the effects of an incredibly curvaceous body took it's effect on the application. Large flat areas are free of marks, but the curved sections requiring stretching and heat treatment are less than impressive.

inside there's a fake carbon-look seat cover that would have you sliding all over, rather than gripping your frame. Up top there's a carbon look roof also.

Stitched leather on the re-trimmed steering wheel and the rest is standard fare.

Out back, the quad exhausts and rear end treatment of the widebody add on fenders is pretty cool.

but it is totally ruined by the poorly wrapped body. This corner was either the first or rushed last piece. Bubbles and marks.

Joins a plenty. For drift this would be totally acceptable as the body gets destroyed all to often, but for a street cruiser, I don't think many would accept this level of finish.

Stand back though and it all goes from your mind. Screaming down the street it would be glistening fury.

Worthy of Tokyo Auto Salon. Your choice.



  1. I think this would look sick without the wing and the center scoop on the bonnet. Outside of the poor quality finish it still has some awesome design elements in my opinion. Thanks for posting!

  2. a wonderful looking rear end! might look better with a GT wing? It's unfortunate about the finish. this would look flush in a candy/metallic blue. either way nice rx8 despite the obvious wrap fail!

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  4. Anyone know where one can lay their hands on this body kit?


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