Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - 20B Carbon.

20B Carbon sounds like a 24Carat Gold . Precious. It's once of the most powerful street cars to come out of the RE-Amemiya stable.

Everything on this car has been modified. Everything!

 Especially the engine bay!

 3 rotor Cosmo based engine still retaind the 20B REW configuration...

How can that be?

There's two Trust TD-06-25G turbines blowing air in and out of this machine.

V-mount inter-cooling and water cooling. Titanium strut bar is a highlighted rare piece.

The spec sheet is long and as you'd expect with a twin turbo, many items are listed twice.

As featured in 2008, the car re-appears at TAS for sale. The Carbon glistening like it was new. It still is.
AC 037 front and fenders as featured on the Final 7 accommodate 20 inch rims.

Love or hate the AC 987 rear, you have to admit that the anti-drag capabilities are all there.

Trademark down turned tailpipe nicknamed dolphin tail.

One of a kind and always will be.



  1. About 8 million Yen for the 20B.

  2. I like the engine setup but am curious how much power its producing for that $100,000 price tag.

  3. Traction would be the issue. I'd imagine 650ish Hp with a big flat torque curve.

    245 20 inch rims won't have much grip though. It would be an interesting ride for sure.

    With S-tyres, you might have a chance.

    But this car is about individuality, not about racing. It would suit German autobahn.
    for 100K it's still cheaper than building it yourself and it's the ONLY one in the world.

    If you want to race, buy the White TA car.

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