Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Fujita Eng.

Fujita's emotive design on the FD3s is still a very strong favourite among many including myself.

It's one of the few body-kits that doesn't over power the original FD3s shape. It just add's that extra curve here or there.

Displayed on the option stand next to the Scoot 4 rotor (more on that later), the two cars couldn't look more different. The smooth curves of the Fujita machine Vs the Sharp angles of the Scoot car.

The name reads "FEED Advan New Gun Metal FD3s". This is a new build that took most of 2011 and debuted at Tsukuba's rev speed event.

 Fujita always have a good relationship with Advan and that's another reason this car gets attention. Deep GT-R dish TCIII with the machined centres in silver look amazing.

They have a certain impact, don't you think?

The side of the car becomes a mix of depth. The small carbon additions have been copied by everyone, but FEED are the originators.

Fujita engineering's trademark colour, Gun Metal has adorned many of their cars, both street and race versions. This car's target is street, however we have already seen it demolish Tsukuba in 58s. A multi tasking car that fit's the desires of many owners. Any further than this and you get into spending a squillion dollars on a car that only gets used a few times a year. I've been there.

 Side view has the large F stripe, and the Help Tohoku area sticker still remains. Yes, still earthquakes every day in Japan.

The rear of the car doesn't have any real features. They never run a diffuser on the street spec cars and to get  fast laps a big wing and more power is sometimes just as effective. (to a point) Craft Company usually add the Osaka version of the FD diffuser.

 Mmmm curvy.

Mmmm Shiney.

Front bumper type II and Canard set, integrated Feed HID spot lights. A lot of custom ducting is also used in the front.

You can almost see here. Feed run a FMIC but the lower section is elevated to allow half the opening air volume to hit the Radiator. Does it work...? I remember an article that says temps are above normal, but running high pressure caps and good quality coolant can keep the temps with a safe range. But you NEED those things anyway.

I'll finish with this shot. If you look on the WALL, you can see the advertisement for 7's day 2012!!!!!

The Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 will take place on 2012 JULY 06 Friday! Maybe I'll see you there.


  1. Fujita Engineering is my all time favorite RX7 tuner. Love this car.

  2. Absolutely love Fujita Engineering! What a car! Is that tape I see at the bottom of the right side door? haha!

  3. It's holding the track sensor for lap timing. haha nothing.

  4. I always loved FEED. What is the power output of this machine?

  5. Is there a way to know the full spec of this car please? Thanks for the feature! Its looks so good!!

  6. You guys just want the spec??

    I'll dig it out

  7. What tyres are used on this rx?

  8. Advan AO50 GS compound for time attack.
    Usually Neova ad08 for the street

    Shown here are Advan TCIII wheels 18x10J with 265/35/18
    Advan TCIII were upgraded to 18x11J +30 Wheels with 295/35/18 for time attack

    1. Thanks man,

      Maybe one day when i own an R of my own i can use this :)

  9. What are the brakes? They look like the Autoexe ones. Are these good enough as a big brake upgrade?


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