Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - TS Concept.

New Look at some older cars from RE-Amemiya. This is the TS Concept.

Good News! They are for sale through Powervehicles.com!

The sweeping Super Greddy 3 Evo bodykit is awesome. Still my favourite.

It's integrated very very well. I like how it smooths out the FD even more.

Still maintains the short overhang.

This one has DG5 RE-Amemiya Spec Street tuned suspension. Featured outdoors here at 7's Day and last year and full spec are hear at TAS 2011.

Enkei GT-C and Neova are the Amemiya combo backed up with Amemiya calipers.

Lots of small details like the carbon mirrors and carbon look wipers to start.

Rear is not the low sweeping hatch. This uses the normal hatch and the TS bumper with IPF integrated lights and central stop lamp. Street Legal GT3 wing also in place.

Pretty cool!


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