Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Scoot.

If anyone can't pick this bonnet, they aren't an FD Fan.

Scoot is as synonymous with 4 rotors these days as it is with that curvaceous bonnet.

Yes 2.3 litre capacity. A little bigger than stock.

I've covered this car many times on the site, but its very special and it was a surprise to see it at TAS actually. Option's stand was not in the main hall, but in the smaller stadium area.

Styling is a controversial as what the neighbours will think of the sound this thin makes after a midnight auqua line run. Recentlt Koseki san doesn't run this on the street much letting the shaken expire.

I've never actually asked what this is for. Real or not.

The attention getter is always under here. The NA engines sit so low in the FD.

Carbon shrouds the view of the block. so you can't count 1,2,3,4

Scoot's suspension is one of their specialties after starting in F1. Recently Super GT gets support from scoot.

The custom airbox keeps the engine bay looking balanced an simple.

Lights are based on RE-Amemiya buckets with upgraded bulbs.

Scoot body was a collaboration with Tamon Design

 Mirrors are unique with custom LED and the interior features the Defi DSSC cluster flocked dash and more. Doors a vertically opening half size. It's quite simply to get in to, sitting on the sill is easy, then drop in.

Enkei TC4 wheels keep an elegance to this speed freak.

Up front scoot calipers and custom brakes help haul this car to a standstill.

Want a 4 Rotor for your machine. Give Koseki a call.

some LONG bolts.

And superbly balanced rotors.

The car was parked in a bad position for photography. Damn ugly feed car in the way... haha.

remember that poster... See you at 7's day


  1. Man this is a really nice 7! I wonder what the TQ#'s are on the N/A 4rotor. Awesome post!

  2. planing my first japan trip just for 7's day, can't wait

  3. That is the ugliest hood I´ve seen on an FD and Im an rx7 fan since I was in diapers (My father owns all 3 generations) Im 24 and own an Turbo II btw. I don't really think it has anything to do with being an FD fan at all, I have seen this hood made for other cars as well. But after all is a nice car, thanks for covering this car once again.


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