Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Super 2

 This is the RE-Amemiya Super 2. Read on for a critique of their latest street spec machine.

If you were unimpressed by the last picture, there is a reason. The wheel selection on this car was horrendous. In the current days of stance and the opportunity of Auto Salon to show off something special. Enkei need to be killed for giving RE-Amemiya PF-01 17x9.0J with 255 rubber.

So I chopped these Gram Lights Extreme on to the car and dumped it an inch for a better idea of whats going on. It makes a HUGE difference.

Anyway, the car of course looks better in person as you hide details like that and ignore them from view. I really like the Facer GT. It is very smooth and has close ties to Super GT.

I also love the new "Super" Rear Bumper that also matches the Super GT image of the car, but one of the highest impact parts on this car is the new LED rear finisher panel. I've got a close up on this at the bottom of this article, so keep reading.

The RE-AD GT Kit II with Front Fender Duct in Wet Carbon is also another feature. I'm sure Ama-san chose to leave these parts in wet carbon for TAS to show them off, but they'd be better implemented in FRP and the fitment of the fender ducts is incredible poor with pop rivets really standing out, detracting from the beautifully finished piece itself.

If you can step back a little there's a lot to check out.

But those rear wheels look stupid, even if they are a nice enough design. In 1992, I think 17" were popular.

Look at the horrendous gap. Even a spacer would be good.

Here's the install of the front fender vent. As I stated, the finish of the carbon is excellent, but the FRP fenders them-self bend and deform under the pressure from the rivets. Not good. 

But here is something nice. The front bar has an integrated splitter, much like the hurricane 7 or should I say Super GT car.

You can see here that it's quite pronounced. I like to see it completely blue also the black making the width seem thin when in fact it's quite chunky. This also gives the car a look of being higher than it actually is. The splitter would be attracted to the driveway. Maybe install some aluminium scuff plates underneath.

The openings have been ducted with sheet alloy for cooling enhancement.

These are some of the nicer lamps I've seen in a while with a little bling.

The rear section has a lot of places for air to escape. A bit of an issue on a stock FD. I imagine many people would paint this lower section black to integrate with the diffuser or hide the mesh.

The twin dolphin tail muffler also looks pretty cool.

There's a vent at the side also. The top edge is quite thick, giving a square feel to the rear.

And there are two more vents on top to extract the last amount of air trapped inside at speed. This should be assisted by the rear finisher lip which is quite up-swept.

This 3" up sweep will combine with the rear GT3 wing so you have an effective aero package with reduced drag capability.

On a small note. The plaqard for the car at TAS showed the LED Tail Lamp Finisher as ... Tail "LUMP" finisher. I had a little chuckle. Anyway, keep reading... I'm getting to it.

 Power for this car is proven RE-Amemiya "Explosion/Bakahatsu" Spec.

13b REW block with 2mm, 1 piece ceramic Apex Seals

TO4R from HKS with trust V-Mount and AC is still installed.

Power FC and piggy backed TRUST GReddy E-01 engine management systems.

Piping is polished and heat shielding is applied to all turbo located hoses.

There's a host of ancillaries on the engine that make a proven package.

 OK OK, here is the rear finisher.

Lights are IPF, which are the same as those used in other RE-Amemiya cars in recent years. They are an off the shelf item from IPF and replacements can be purchased separately. Centre lamps include indicator and reverse lighting. Which kind of negates the need for the rear reflectors in the bumper.

This is the display piece. The only thing I found a little below par was the join above the first light.

Of course it's a necessary join, however it is quite visible as the weave moves in different directions.

The rest is nicely proportioned and the lights themselves are nice. At TAS these items were 106000yen for frp and 126000 for Carbon.  Get out your cash.

Personally I'd go for body colored integration in FRP.

And remember stance. 10J +15 on the rear with over fenders.


  1. hmm i like the PF 01 it does look more track ready no need chop, but your chop looks also good

  2. Best new "normal" design by Re-Amemiya in a long time. Love everything but the rear lights, not totally sold on them from the photos.

  3. I think they could bond some of those parts that they riveted....

    I still like it of course

  4. I wonder what's up with the wheels too? I'm old timey when it comes to wheel fitments personally, but come on, it's at TAS with a wide body kit! Maybe it's a new trend? Amemiya brought us porsche headlights, maybe now it's porsche wheel fitment, just from a 356 :)

    thanks as always for the great coverage Russ!


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