Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forza MotorSport 4 Skinz

Video games are great and Forza is one that offers a lot. Sokai is a guy who loves the FD and he set about re-creating his favouites in the Forza paint system.

He has certainly spent some time on these. Replicating most details down exactly.

However, all games have restrictions. and Forzas restrictions include just a few authentic body kits, like Ings+ and C-West. So a lot of shading work has to be done to get these looking right.

Making a non-wide body look wide requires skill.

And mostly the lights get a lot of work.

But the results are pretty special. To the untrained eye "It looks real" is often heard.

So Sokai's garage includes

Street Legal RE-Amemiya D1 machine.
SGC D1 Car.

RYO D1 machine.

RE-Amemiya D1 machine from 2004/5

D1 Garage 3 Rotor

and again in NKB wheels livery.

The community is strong so sometimes Sokai gets involved to help others like "davbat" with finishing details  like the rear fenders on this R-magic livery

 RE-Amemiya TA 2000 SPL.

and the Apexi D1 car.

And the complex Strikers livery.

I'm not sure how these work in applying to a car in Forza but the community is strong and Forza users probably already know how to do that.

Another aspect for FD crazy fans like us.


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