Friday, January 27, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Orange Toda

However you look at the AC 987 front end, it's a love hate relationship. These cross-breed cars always create controversy.

The 993 Porsche lighting integrated in '98 was refreshed a while later with this wide-body version that had better proportions and an integrated splitter. When combined with the wider version of the side step AD and rear section of the AD kit, the result could accommodate the larger rim size seen here. 18x9.5 all round with a decent offset for curved face TE37.

The owner chose to display the carbon on the bonnet by leaving the orange highlight the heat exhaust routing. Personally I don't like this effect, but again, these things are very personal. Just like the old school lights from RE-Amemiya. Practicalities aside, they give a real JDM effect.

I think the Porsche mix works well on this one as I posted from 7's Day. The side graphics highlight the owners association with Super Autobacs Toda and RE-Amemiya. I'm not sure if this was a last minute addition because Super Autobacs Omiya have another car in the build.

Porsche or FD. I think this one cost about the same as an entry level Porsche.

There's always a reason why I leave this rear shots to last. The poo shooter toilet shaped central outlet on the rear of this car is even worse when it's not used for the exhaust port. Looks like the rear is gasping for breath in shock! Like it looked in a mirror.

And those lights... I'll stop there. Focus on the wing. The endless wing is a nice piece as featured on only a few RE-Amemiya Super Greddy cars.

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