Monday, January 6, 2020

RE-Xtreme Virtual Reality

For those of you who don't have the funds / space / time to maintain and run an FD3s RX7 anymore. There is an alternative.

I've commissioned this FD for the Assetto Corsa driving simulator.

The game costs $20 these days, but the modding community has embraced the game and it has a huge global following.

I've built 70+ liveries for everyone to enjoy.

I've been drifting online for a year.

And I have a team of like minded friends who can't afford real cars anymore.

As prices in Australia hit $100K for a stock RZ and the cheapest FD that needs a full rebuild is $30K
I'm 100% out of action.

But I still love the Drift Battles and driving that sims are bringing.

With my full setup coming in at around $2500 plus the PC. You can have more seat time at a zero maintenance cost.

Daikoku in the Veilside FD

Now anyone can do it.

On any track in the world "free downloads" You can drive the touge monster though to D1SL and D1 spec machines.

I've also done liveries for other contributors

for FC and FD

And yes you can run Le Mans or the Nurburg ring in a tuned FD.

Pretend to be Mad Mike with 800+hp

Run the C1 with team "Mid Night"

Try to race in the time attack spec cars.

Rip on a public road .

or be a PRO running Virtual Drift Championship

I'd recommend this VR to anyone. as one of my friends says... "Fuck Off Reality"

Check out my focussed VR drift blog.

See you on the Tsukuba Touge

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