Monday, March 24, 2014

Side of Veil

Veilside did a crazy job on the Fortune FD. It really is a monster.

When Newera Imports purchased the Tokyo Drift cars from hollywood studios and brought them back to Japan, they were in a state of disrepair.  Some of them were sold to local buys and some departed Japan for Overseas.

While the "girls RX8" is definitely one of those cars, I couldn't get under the bonnet of  this one to determine if it was one of those machines or a new build

What is clear is that the owner has enhanced it slightly in all the right areas.  These delicious carbon extensions are some of those touches.

the Veilside bubble exhaust is still present and all the interior is complete which makes me feel that this is in fact the #1 demo car and subsequent movie car. 

Small extensions to the rear wheel exits hide a little more

rear light updates add a little more.

rear size is amazing. 295 / 25 22 inch.

front brakes are huge.

 Front tyres are 245/30/20 and the matt finish is an excellent contrast.

While not the normal FD3s. Yokomaku san's samurai inspired armour for the FD3s definately states WAR MACHINE!


  1. Yeay, Russ is back!!!... Hope your doing well, I look forward to your future posts :)

  2. Why do the tire widths seem so ... small? Maybe this wide body kit isn't as wide as I thought it was!?! Any explanation Russ? Regardless, I LOVE this kit, it rocks! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D



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