Monday, March 17, 2014

Club RX7 SAB Chiba Naganuma Part 1

2104 and a short trip to Japan would be incomplete with an update on the RX Scene. It's a pity the freezing wet weather didn't bring out all comers.

First, Suenaga. The top of drift competition at the moment is the Wild SE3P. Front 18x11 Enkei but narrower rear with positive camber this kind of setting is pretty normal for drift machines these days as rear squat zero's out the rear and the wide control up front makes control easier.

RE-Amemiya has built a new FD3s for Suenaga but as usual they test the waters gently so don't expect a debut until mid year. I guess if Suenaga is on top in the SE3P the FD3s won't debut at all.

This actual car donated it's Nardi classic steeringwheel to my green Version II FD3s. Sold after the movie cars returned to Japan,

NRF body SE3P.

Red is the colour.

No idea of this manufacturer.

R-Magic has a new demo machine.

Alongside the whale in street trim without the rear wing extensions.

interesting fins and gills.

A new widebody on the leg Sport Se3p . A car that continues to be on double duty street and circuits.


And all others lined up.

Yes... the only new mazda being tuned is the CX5??? WTF??? Maybe grandfathers like them.

 Knight Sports base kits needs the wide options badly.

I'll be loading the Pivate FD3s cars that attended next... Because there seem to be NO demo cars worthy of showcasing anything new.

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