Monday, March 24, 2014

SAB Chiba Naganuma - FD Drizzle.

I guess we shall look at some FD3s and others.

Running an FD3s for 24 years is a tough ask. So I'd bet there aren't many 1991 versions in the hands of the original owners. 

But there are some cars that remain untouched and rightly so.

This particular Full Mazdaspeed R-Spec is one of those Special Rare cars that will only appreciate in time. 

 When you tick all the boxes on the dealer option sheet, the outlay is significant so you'd better be prepared to keep it for a while. this one is 14 years old and still perfect.

You may notice an odyssey in the back ground.

It's these kinds of vehicles that capture my attention these days. And Many FD3s owners move on.

A tough thrash-able anywhere MX5. I had one of those and it was fun.

Or an MX5... Yes I had one of these too. An awesome momentum car.

the RX8 is still a progression. It's long stroke suspension design is a different concept to the FD3s. But the 9000 rpm redline doesn't propell the mass as well as expected.

So Purists head back to the FD. this RZ sports the Auto Exe front bar complete with LED.

And a carbon fuel cover.

There was a sticker on the rear. RE-Freak! 

This "Grenade"  front bar was always a favourite of mine. nice combo with the veilside extras.

Speaking of Veilside, theis Combat Version 1 is missing the delicate Front spoiler, but the Andrew Racing  Wheels remind us that this car was probably a full Veilside C1 Spl at some stage.

Speaking of SPL. this Car is always not far from RE-Amemiya stands.

Strikers FD also attends most RE-Amemiya events. 

This White machine I have featured before and still represents the pinnacle of FD3s body Styling.  

When done right, The modified FD3s is truely awesome.

AD Facer 2005 version with AD Canards. AD Fender II Set to cover the massive SSR SP1 Professor wheels.

Side Diffusers, Rear Diffuser, Rear Vortex Generators and Street Size GT Wing.


 But my favourite beast on the day was this machine. a bit of a beast but a nice selection of period tuning. Somehow I like this a lot..

For my final post from a short visit to Chiba on a rainy winter's day. I'll feature the Fortune FD.


  1. Russ, excellent write-up. I always enjoy your posts... Quick question though... Above you reference a white RZ with "Auto Exe front bar complete with LED". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the LEG Sport front Bumper? ( ). Thanks,

    1. you are probably correct.
      I rarely follow the parts dev these days.


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