Friday, August 16, 2013

7's Day 2012 - Moccoman's RE-RE-Fresh!

Here is a feature I hould have loaded a year ago. But the 7's day coverage has re-ignited my interest. So here is a special car from the 2012 Mazda Tuning Festival.

Die hard enthusiasts will know this machine. I've featured it before, but on this day it had just received a few special items.

18" Rays RE30 Club Sport in gun metal grey.

with perfect street fitment.

I don't know how many times I've written 265/35/18 on this website. But it's a lot.

The Exterior Results in something pretty good looking!

But it's under the hood where all the action is. 

Big Alloy V-mount for cooling.

Big Surge tank for fueling.

Big pipes for air and a bit of pressure regulation.

Some extras never go astray on a tuned fd.

Black alternator and blue anodised pulleys. Blow Off valve of Type serious. No whistles in this one.


but inside the engine is a monster port job that makes


the engine bay comes up pretty nice.

I guess its inevitible that theres a lot or RE-Amemiya parts.

 Chiba Kun tells the story.

 So whether you like to stare at engines.

or find beauty in other areas.

 When you build a drifter/Street Racer/street car

Moccomans are doing it right.

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