Friday, August 2, 2013

Mazda Tuning Festa 2013 - 7s day

The Mazda Tuning Festa has become THE event for Mazda fans in Japan. The sheer variety of stuff to see, hear and probe is the real drawcard.

Whether you like fast time attack and race action, 

Or a little rain, show and shine. There is something for everyone.

I like to think that my KSP rear spoiler found it's way onto this machine. This drift style FD has become a little bit of a favourite in the last year.

But there are so many favourites. The Hurricane 7 running on it's 11" wide Enkeis is awesome!

The 2JFD with 1 million rear wings trying to tame that horsepower.

The street look G-Face kit from TCP.

with it's shark like gills is a pleasure to inspect..

 But the raw BN kit on the Drift Samurai's D1SL machine is just as impressive for me.

the overall effect is staggering. I didn't have the chance to attend this years event, I have to thank my representative Daniel Gardh for these shots.

He owns a full RE-Amemiya kitted FD just like this white one. Rottom row, 2nd from left.

Car shop glow's FD seems too pretty to track.

a little rain was an annoyance for all, but makes for an interesting test of driver skill

Car control skills are something that the D1 guys don't really need instruction in. 

 Hammer Down!

A little sun came out for some sessions. Yes this car is green, but contrasts well in the light.

Speaking of contrast. the old D1 machine is still getting a thrashing.

Some more modern machinery is not ignored either.

But it's the 767B that always invokes passion as the 4-rotor screams and the flames fly.

The FC of death is a regular as part of the sexy nights team.

RE-Amemiyas RX8s are sometimes subtle in their appearance. If you ignore the Orange! 

 How many tsukaba laps has this car done? since 1991... I'd say a few.

How many tyres has this car destroyed? ... I'd say a few.

How many turbo's has this car blown? NONE! the RE-Amemiya NA7 is a little screamer. No show ponies in the RE-Amemiya stable.

So If you could choose hust one for a bit of fun, what would it be? the Super GT Replica thats looking awesome on massive TE37 or this low sleek black machine on Advans.

for a fun machine... I think Suzuki-san has the right idea.

Open top drift to enjoy that full throttle rotary machine!

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