Monday, June 11, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Knight Sports 8

The knight sports Widebody has got to be one of the nicer body kits around for the RX9.

Carbon doors, bonnet and rear boot help shave considerable weight from the SE3p chassis. Tthe way the front fenders integrate is very nicely done.

The extra venting from the top also positive in the looks and function department.

canards are an interesting design tapering off to create vortecies past the wheel wells.

Shown here before the Macau GP. the FD engined beast goes very well and always finishes in the top places.

frontal opening is adequate for cooling.

tow hook mean race car and the links to the tsunami are still evident in Japan.

the latter SE3p rx8 shape really gives the rear a bit more with the twin round lights and the carbon boot lid provides a secure area for the mazzive Gt wing.

the rear bumper may be the only downfall of the Knight sports body rx-8 functionally good with outlets for drag reduction, but visually not the dream machine everyone hopes for.

Advan slapped some of my favourite TCIII on this car at TAS and I'm glad they did. Awesome!


  1. Those front fenders are dead sexy! its about time the RX8 got so very aggressive wide body kits.

  2. jolie RX8 ! beautiful work by Knight Sports


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