Monday, June 11, 2012

7's day 2012

Are you ready...

What's happening at RE-Xtreme in Japan.

Over the past few months, RE-Xtreme has been slowing down as the 3rd RE-Xtreme demo car has been sold.

I'll be heading to Tsukuba circuit on July 6 to rekindle a little bit of action. 7's day takes place as part of the Mazda Festa 2012 with RE-Amemiya and plenty of others in attendance. 

There's also the Shizuoka meeting a week earlier on the 1st.

The big FD3s runners in Japan are still going strong. D1 is active, D1SL and the Drift Muscle are active with Takayama, Drift Samurai Imamura and others. Expect to see plenty of fast FD3s at Tsukuba on the 6th and I'll have all the coverage from that event.

For those planning to come to Japan in July and see a little more. You can also see Round 4 of the Drift Muscle event at Nikko Circuit on the 8th of July


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