Monday, June 4, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Drift 8

The RE-Amemiya Drift 8 is not your every day RX-8

A bunch of inches wider and totally more aggressive. It also has those few more things you need. Horses!

You can always see clearly through a windscreen. Can you? RE-Amemiya always replace the front glass on their cars. Whether it's cool vere UV cut item or the thin lightweight speed glass so this car was on the glass pit stand.

The rear has a ton of features, but of course the fenders and wing are instantly noticeable.

The RE-Amemiya D1-8 body kit is wide...front and back.

The front bumper integrates with the fenders for a smooth finish.

I can look around these cars for a long time. But I notice more when I look at the pictures. Cutouts in the boot. exhaust location, etc etc 

 centre exit dolphin tail muffler. coloured from heat from the 13b turbo.

acrylic rear window with vents and bracing, and the carbon roof all shave weight and lower the centre of gravity.

Side rear doors are carbon items. something you can hardly notice from a distance.

Anyone who has ever wrapped vinyl knows how tough corners are. this car is the norm. Carbon bonnet diffusers help create more low pressure to extract heat.

SGC livery carries over from the Black FD (now recoloured)

This picture is terrible. Me in the mirror, but you know why?

Suenaga has not been able to a win in D1 this year. Finishing in 3rd or 4th. with other cars pushing 800-1200 hp these days. the 600 or so from the 13bT struggles for smoke action although the chassis is very very well setup. Suenaga can hold his own.

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  1. I've always wanted 1 of these exacly like this but in red with silver or black rims


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